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Against Child Abuse Limited

“Child Abuse Treatment Corner”
The treatment corner mainly provides the following therapeutic group services for parents and children in need and to prevent child maltreatment.


  1. Batterers therapeutic group: It works with parents who physically abuse their children. The group aims at stopping parents abusive behaviors, enhancing their insight into the problem and learning positive thinking and healthy ways of relating to their children.

  2. Stress management group: Parents with depressive features or negative emotions would easily be triggered that may cause family disputes or put their children at risk of child abuse. The stress management group would help them reduce stress, introduce positive thinking and extend their social network.

  3. Children therapeutic Group: Abused children often suffer from negative emotions, such as anger, fears and shame. The group enables children express emotions in appropriate ways and enhance their self-esteem.


Educational talks will also be provided for parents to acquire knowledge of positive parenting skills. We hope that the services can help reduce parents’ stress, prevent re-occurrence of child abuse and help tackle negative emotions of abused children.


Caritas HK (Rehabilitation Division)

“Caritas 3 H Hub”
Caritas 3H Hub is a pilot project for older persons with intellectual disabilities and the carers, operates with a club house model. 3H denotes `Happy’, `Health’ and `Hopeful’. The Hub will provide care and support services for persons with intellectual disabilities with advanced age to help them achieve quality and healthy life style. Training, education and support programmes are also rendered to the formal and informal carers to enhance their caring competence. Interested parties in the community are encouraged to involve as volunteers in different Hub activities to arouse public concern towards the needs of older persons with intellectual disabilities and their families.


The Hub offers a wide variety of programmes including day care services, therapeutic training and classes, social and recreational groups, educational and personal development activities. Older persons with intellectual disabilities will experience a new way of life in the Hub to achieve physical and emotional well being under professional support. The Hub is also a good gathering place for the carers of persons with intellectual disabilities for sharing and mutual support. Persons with intellectual disabilities and their carers can access to the Hub services directly or through referrals of the social workers. Membership fee and programme fees will be charged on the service users for service enrolment and on cost recovery basis for each of the programmes they participate.


Caritas-Hong Kong (Community Development Service)

“Early Identification and Promotion of Mental Health through Community-based Prevention Program for Individuals Struggling with Depressive Symptoms”
The Project aims at locating the hidden depressed persons in the community through reaching out. Caritas-Hong Kong (Caritas) has devised a 3-tiers prevention model i.e. primary, secondary & tertiary level in promoting mental health within the community. Caritas would reach out to communities to identify people inflicted with depression, to enhance their self-confidence and coping abilities, and build up support groups as support networks for them in the primary level. Training up participants of support groups as mental health ambassadors and heightening the sensitivity of the community on mental health would be the focus of the secondary level. Helping the known mental health patients to re-integrate into the community would be the focus of the tertiary level prevention. The Program has selected the HK East and Shamshuipo as target districts as past records show that people high in stress have low median income in these two districts. Caritas would employ strategies of early identification, community education, mutual help and community participation in implementing the project.


Caritas HK (Youth and Community Service)

“Project Hychinth – Enrichment Service for Young Mothers”
The Project aims to assist teenage / young mothers under 24 with unplanned pregnancy to meet all the needs in delivery and parenting; improve and enhance the health and psycho-social development of the children; and nurture psychological, social and economic betterment among service users. Teenage and Young Mothers who are at risks of drug abuse and post-natal depression are particularly identified and supported.


It consists of five components :

  1. Medical Based Outreaching Service : set up booths in hospitals

  2. Internet Searching Service : Develop new channel on accessing the targets

  3. Home Visiting Program : Home Visits and Attachment Training

  4. Community Based Support Group: Supportive Groups (like Positive Self-image, Stress Coping, Positive Parenting), Training Groups (Child Development, Parenting Efficacy, Attachment, Inter-personal Relationship) and Social Activities

  5. Economic Enhancement Service: Group-based Tuition (Computer Literacy, Job-relating skills), Economic Literacy Training, Job Trial, Placement, On-the-Job Counseling, Peer Mentoring. 


Hong Kong Cancer Fund

CancerLink is a service provided by Hong Kong Cancer Fund. It is a haven in the community where we help people adjust to living with cancer. Our centres provide free information and professional counselling and welcome cancer patients, survivors, their family or friends to seek help in coping with cancer.

The role of CancerLink is to help people feel more in control, and improve their quality of life. CancerLink does not replace medical treatment; it serves to make life better for people touched by cancer through addressing all supportive care requirements of a cancer experience.

Our professional carers help clients manage the physical, emotional, psychological and social challenges brought about by a cancer diagnosis. Offering a wide range of free support and rehabilitation programmes, our goal is to empower individuals so that their cancer journey is as comforting, informed and stress-free as possible.

Our hotline provides immediate emotional support and professional guidance. Oncology nurses and social workers are on call to evaluate needs, answer questions, and give appropriate advice and practical support.


Professional Counselling
Our registered social workers and clinical psychologists help clients and their family members better understand their current condition, deal with depression and emotional problems, as well as provide a suitable channel to discuss sensitive topics and explores solutions.


Nursing Consultation and Dietetic Service
Through one-on-one sessions, our oncology nurses explain to the client their condition, and what to expect. They suggest questions to ask the doctor, and discuss symptoms, side effects and pain as part of treatment preparation. Our dietetic service specialises in the assessment and treatment of dietary and nutritional problems and we provide medical nutritional therapy to help clients cope with the disease and diet-related complications.


Rainbow Club
Rainbow club helps children aged 5 to 15 whose family member has been diagnosed, or who has lost someone to cancer. Through playful activities and professional support, children can allay fears and enjoy the happy childhood they deserve.


YOU CAN-Young Adult Support
YOU CAN meets the unique needs of young adult ages 18 to 39 diagnosed with cancer. Through age-specific workshops, they can tap into the strength and experience of peers so they too can proactively face their cancer journey.


Peer Support
With over 22 groups to choose from, people with a similar diagnosis can openly share their experiences and concerns. Speaking with people who have through the cancer journey provides a vital boost-restoring confidence and reminding them that they are not alone.


Home Care Programme
We help homebound clients or those who live alone by providing temporary, timely, practical and emotional support. Our qualified staff and volunteers make home visit to ensure clients are recovering well, help them shop for groceries, prepare meals and escort them to and from hospital. For people living alone, knowing that someone cares for their well-being provides a huge moral boost.


Wellness Programme and Therapeutic Workshops
Our comprehensive wellness programmes and therapeutic workshops help clients to relax, tackle negative emotions, relieve stress and restore confidence. We provide FREE classes and workshops, including yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, horticulture, insomnia management, music and art therapy.


Rehabilitation Workshops
We run a range of practical courses on qigong, healthy eating according to traditional Chinese medicine, aromatherapy, pain management, diet and nutrition to enhance quality of life.


Institute for Integrated Rural Development, Hong Kong

“Project Stethoscope II (聽筒計劃2)”
Project Stethoscope was implemented in Baojing County, Hunan Province, in 2010 with the support of the local government and schools, to promote health awareness using a school-friendly and replicable model that involves dormitory management, health education and nutritional intervention. Health education materials, personnel training, free body check-up and nutritional menu were provided to the schools, all of which were very well-received by the locals. On this basis, the project was extended to 40 schools in the County in 2013 to include the component of hygiene-related hardware renovation. By 2015, over 30,000 students benefited from the project per year.