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Warm Shelter Projects



Against Child Abuse Limited

“Kwai Chung Child Protection Centre” 

The Child Protection Centre mainly provides the following therapeutic group services for parents and children in need and to prevent child maltreatment.


    1. The batterers therapeutic groups aim at stopping parent’ abusive behaviors and helping them to learn positive thinking and healthy ways of relating to their children.

    2. The stress management groups aim at helping parents with depressive features or negative emotions reduce stress, introduce positive thinking and extend their social network.

    3. Children therapeutic groups enable abused children express negative emotions in appropriate ways and enhance their self-esteem.

    4. Moreover, the volunteer home visitation for families with newborn babies aims at early prevention, strengthening parents’ role and reducing the risk of child abuse.


The project trains up volunteers to make regular home visits and telephone contacts to the target families; run new parents training course, positive parenting sharing session and educational talks.



Caritas HK (Rehabilitation Division)

“Caritas 3 H Hub”

Caritas 3H Hub is a clubhouse dedicated for older persons with intellectual disabilities and their carers. 3H denotes `Happy’, `Health’ and `Hopeful’.


The Hub provides care and support services, including day care services, therapeutic training, social and recreational groups, educational and personal development activities and so on. Members of the hub will learn to achieve physical and emotional well being under professional support.


The Hub also serves as a gathering place for the carers to relax and get mutual support. Parties in the community are invited as volunteers in different Hub activities to educate the public on the needs of older persons with intellectual disabilities and their families.


Persons with intellectual disabilities and their carers can access to the Hub’s services directly or through referrals by social workers. 



Caritas HK (Community Development Service)

“Residents Mutual Help Centre-Kwai Chung” 

The Project prioritizes prevention. The ultimate goal is to build a sustainable Kwai Chung community with collective engagement, in which the people have good quality of life, strong family and neighbour relationships. However, poor health, illiteracy, tense relationships, and unsupportive social atmosphere have been observed as the current impediments. 


The team utilizes an outreaching approach and focuses in selected zones to reach the needy and unmotivated targets. 


The core components of the Project include: family programmes to strengthen parent-child bonding; stress management courses to help them resolve feelings of guilt and failure and reflect on their belief system which suppresses their potentials, capacity building courses that prepare them to find jobs or increase income, home repair training courses that equip them to live independently; parenting/child care skills trainings; and last but not least, mutual support groups and centre-based childcare mutual support service.


Through networking and instillation of mutual-help spirit, the residents will eventually be empowered to serve their community.




Caritas HK (Youth and Community Service)

“Project Hychinth – Enrichment Service for Young Mothers”

The Project aims to assist teenage or young mothers under 24 with unplanned pregnancy to meet all the needs in delivery and parenting; improve and enhance the health and psycho-social development of the children; and nurture psychological, social and economic betterment among service users. Teenage and Young Mothers who are at risks of drug abuse and post-natal depression are particularly identified and supported. It consists of five components :


    1. Medical Based Outreaching Service : set up booths in hospitals

    2. Internet Searching Service : Develop new channel on accessing the targets

    3. Home Visiting Programme : Home Visits and Attachment Training

    4. Community Based Support Group: Supportive Groups (like Positive Self-image, Stress Coping, Positive Parenting), Training Groups (Child Development, Parenting Efficacy, Attachment, Inter- personal Relationship) and Social Activities

    5. Economic Enhancement Service: Group-based Tuition (Computer Literacy, Job-relating skills), Economic Literacy Training, Job Trial, Placement, On-the-Job Counseling, Peer Mentoring.



Hong Kong Cancer Fund

"CancerLink Jockey Club Support Centre, Kwai Chung"

CancerLink is a service provided by Hong Kong Cancer Fund to help people adjust to living with cancer. The centre provides free information and professional counselling and welcome cancer patients, survivors, their family or friends to seek help in coping with cancer.


The role of CancerLink is to help people feel more in control, and improve their quality of life. CancerLink does not replace medical treatment; it serves to make life better for people touched by cancer through addressing all supportive care requirements of a cancer experience.


The professional carers help clients manage the physical, emotional, psychological and social challenges brought about by a cancer diagnosis. Offering a wide range of free support and rehabilitation programmes, our goal is to empower individuals so that their cancer journey is as comforting, informed and stress-free as possible.



Institute for Integrated Rural Development, Hong Kong

Institute For Integrated Rural Development Hong Kong is committed to promoting the all-round development of education, economy, culture, environment, society and health in poor rural areas in China with funding, research and development projects.


"The 2R Project"

This project aims to improve the living condition and learning environment of 40 schools in Baojing County, a poverty- stricken county in Western Hunan Province.


The project started in 2018 April to improve the hardware of the schools, namely : replacing hazardous water pipes, electrical cables and other electrical appliances, broken windows, torn desks and chairs, and computers.


In order to sustain the positive impacts, training programme on school safety is launched for school managers and teachers and a small fund is set up to ensure the continuity of the project. The project expects to benefit more than 25,000 teachers and students.



Health in Action

HIA establishes a Core Center for Community Health Management and multiple outreach service points (Mobile Health Stations) to break the vicious cycle resulting from undesirable life-style and social determinants of health of Working Poor.


"Kwai Tsing Community Health Management Hub"


The new centre does not only has expanded multidisciplinary health team but also new services including: 1) Nurse Clinics, 2) Pain and Occupational Health Clinic, 3) Weight Management Unit, 4) Community Pharmacy and 5) Tele-Health consultation model.


Family health management programme, train-the trainer programme, need-based doctor consultation and emergency health subsidy are also provided.